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Eyes in the Back of the Family Room: 7 Protective Benefits of Using a Nanny Cam

Eyes in the Back of the Family Room: 7 Protective Benefits of Using a Nanny Cam

1st Sep 2019

7 Protective Benefits of Using a Nanny Camera

Having eyes at home while you're away eases worries about your family and hard work. Discover here seven protective benefits of using a nanny camera.

In 90.8% of American households, at least one parent is employed. Although you may be reluctant to place your children in someone else's care, with two working parents, there may be no other alternative.

Not only are you allowing a stranger to take care of your kids, but you're also letting them into your house. While you may want to believe in the integrity of people, unfortunately, there may still be unscrupulous caretakers out there.

To ensure your children are well taken care of and your house remains in good condition, you should get a nanny camera. Below are 7 protective benefits of using one.

1. Catch Any Abuse Straight Away

Nannies should be people who care immensely about the welfare of the children they look after. But sadly, this isn't always the case.

Every year, around 10% of kids are abused by their babysitters who use either drugs or alcohol. This number is even higher when you consider there are caretakers who are completely sober and still abuse children.

You may have a rigorous screening process for your kids' caretakers, but there's still a small chance the person you pick may not treat your children right. You can catch any abuse straight away by having a nanny cam installed.

By nipping the problem in the bud, you can ensure your children don't go through any traumatic experiences.

2. Have Recorded Evidence of Crimes

Not only is there the possibility of abuse when you hire a nanny, but there are also other crimes you need to consider. For example, they may destroy your property, steal your valuables, or invite shady characters around to party.

Some people are really good at hiding the evidence of any misdeeds, so without a nanny cam, it may take you a while to notice anything, if at all. Like with child abuse, a babysitter camera can catch any problem behaviors with your babysitter and allow you to get someone better promptly.

You can even use the recorded evidence to help you in court if it comes to that. That way, it's not just your word against your nanny's.

3. Don't Miss Any Key Moments

It can be difficult leaving your kids in the care of some stranger. It can be especially heartbreaking to think of them hitting all their milestones without you around.

A nanny camera allows you to look in on your children at all times of the day. So you can log on and watch them on you're commuting or on your lunch break.

If you miss anything, your babysitter can give you an approximate time window so you can go in your records and watch from there. It may not be the same as witnessing these milestones in person, but at least you'll get to still see it after the fact.

4. Make Sure Your Nanny's Following Directions

Your children may need very strict routines to ensure they learn good habits. Or they may have special dietary needs that can cause serious health problems if not adhered to.

Whatever it is, you want to make sure your nanny's following the directions you've set out for them. When you can check in with a nanny camera, you can catch mistakes and correct them early on so your kids' routine isn't disrupted too much.

5. Find out What Works for Your Children

On the other side of the coin, your babysitter may have some great childcare techniques that work effectively with your kids. When you're watching the records, take note of when your children seem very happy and are on their best behavior.

Sit down with your nanny and discuss what you've seen and want to learn from them. Together, you can offer each other guidance and form a cohesive plan on the best way to take care of your children.

6. Watch the House While on Vacation

Not only are nanny cameras great for surveillance while you're at work and your children are at home with the babysitter, but they're also excellent for when you're all away from your house.

Your vacation should be a time where you're completely relaxing, with no worries in the world. You may not be able to fully let loose when there's a nagging thought about your home's security at the back of your mind.

This point of anxiety can easily be remedied by turning your nanny cam into a security camera as well. Whenever you don't feel at ease, all you have to do is turn on the app and check up on your house.

7. Get Peace of Mind

One of the biggest benefits of getting a nanny cam is the peace of mind you'll get. Seeing as these pieces of technology can address many points, you can feel a lot better as soon as you get one installed.

When you don't stress out as much, you'll be more productive at work and you'll have better quality of life. This can significantly improve your relationships with everyone, including coworkers and family.

Make sure you research if nanny cameras are legal in your area before you install one. You don't want to get peace of mind with this technology then run into legal troubles later on that'll stress you out once again.

Purchase a Nanny Camera for Your Home Today

As you can see, a nanny cam provides a myriad of benefits, so don't wait a moment longer to get one for your home. By making a small investment in a nanny camera, you can safeguard your family and valuables. Not only that, but you won't have to worry about missing out on your children's milestones either.

To get started on protecting your family, please take a look at our selection of affordable nanny cams now.

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