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7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Covert Security Cameras

9th Jul 2021

We always want to look for the best in people, but the truth is that you never really know what's happening when you're not in the office.One business owner, fo…
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How Security Cameras Provide You Better Legal Help

9th Jun 2021

As a business owner, the last thing you want is to have your business at the center of a court case. No one starts a business expecting to face legal trouble, b…
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3 Different Miniature Security Cameras That Can Protect Your Business

27th May 2021

Did you know that, in 2014, Mini security cameras found that 47% of retail theft was committed by staff? Hidden cameras can pick up a lot more than those camera…
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Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Hidden Nanny Cam

9th Apr 2021

If you're returning to work or leaving for an evening out, you will likely be hiring a babysitter. It can be nerve-wracking leaving your children in the care of…
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Eyes on the Road: Why Your Commercial Vehicles Need Dash Cams

1st Mar 2021

There has been a 52% increase in trucking accidents in the last decade. These incidents put your business and employees at risk, and are financially stressful.U…
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Why Business Owners Need to Worry About Employee Theft

31st Jan 2021

The risk of owning and operating a business is great. The survival rate for small businesses is shocking after the ten-year mark with only one third making it.…
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Crime Prevention: Why Investing in Small Cameras Means Big Security

31st Dec 2020

It's been estimated Americans lose almost 50 billion dollars a year to theft, 36 percent of which is due to shoplifting. This is a large sum of money; shoplifti…
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7 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Consider Installing Security Cameras

5th Dec 2020

Workplace theft isn't exactly uncommon. In fact, studies show that it costs US businesses around $50 billion annually. In short, no business is immune to it.Do…
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These Are the Pros and Cons of Using a Spy Camera for Your Business

1st Nov 2020

There were around 6,000 spy cameras in the U.K in 2014. It shows how prevalent spy cameras are.Spy cameras are often very helpful if you want to see who is your…
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What Does the Law Say About Owning a Home Spy Camera?

4th Oct 2020

Have you been wondering what goes on in your home when you’re not there? Whether you’re worried about your child’s safety when in the care of a nanny or you’re…
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8 Common Hidden Camera Mistakes to Avoid for Businesses

27th Aug 2020

8 Common Hidden Camera Mistakes to Avoid for BusinessesSpy cameras can be reliable security tools if you know how to use them at your office. Here are common hi…
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7 Surprising Uses for a Security Spy Camera

29th Jul 2020

Big Brother’s watching us.Seriously, there are 70 million CCTV cameras up and running in the United States. That, according to the same source, equates to one c…
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How to Choose the Best Spy Cameras for Your Business

28th Jun 2020

Unfortunately, your business can be under the threat of intruders. You want to make sure that your business is always protected.If you want to protect your busi…
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Spy Cams: 5 Things Most People Don't Know About Spy Cameras

28th May 2020

Are you and your company looking to get spy cams placed around your property? If so, then you should learn more about them before investing in them.Learning all…
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​Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Wi-Fi Hidden Camera

20th Apr 2020

So you're looking for the perfect WiFi spy camera, but you find yourself exhausted and confused by the excessive choices.Well, it's time to change that. Not all…
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​ 7 Indoor Security Camera Placement Tips for Your Home

20th Mar 2020

Do you need a security camera placement guide? You might find it confusing to select the best secret places in your home to hide your spy cams.You need to choos…
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How a Mini Spy Camera Can Protect Your Home or Business

21st Feb 2020

Getting a mini spy camera for the home or business can make all the difference between losing the ones you care for or your valuables.Are you looking for ways t…
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Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Dead: How a Hidden Nanny Cam Saves Lives

22nd Jan 2020

When most people think of a hidden nanny cam, they usually think of crime prevention or evidence. We'll cover some overlooked ways it can actually save lives.To…
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5 Misconceptions about a Spy Cam in Your Home or Business

20th Dec 2019

In the world we live in today, you can never be too careful about how you provide security to your home.After all, trying to protect you and your family is of t…
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8 Reasons Why Spy Cams Make the Best Nanny Cam

22nd Nov 2019

Suggested Meta DescriptionIf you are feeling uneasy about your Nanny, you are not alone. Many people feel spy cams make the best nanny cam to ensure their child…
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