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Spy Cams: 5 Things Most People Don't Know About Spy Cameras

Spy Cams: 5 Things Most People Don't Know About Spy Cameras

28th May 2020

Are you and your company looking to get spy cams placed around your property? If so, then you should learn more about them before investing in them.

Learning all that you can help you avoid making a mistake on your purchase. Many companies by the wrong brand and end up dissatisfied with the results.

There are many things that most people don't know about spy cameras. If you know these interesting facts, then you'll see the return on investment they can have for your company.

Here are several unknown facts about spy cams and how they can help your business thrive.

1. They're Cost-Efficient

The first people think when someone says the word "spy cam" is that they're outside of their price range. Many company owners believe that they don't make sense for the business because they're too expensive.

There are several different spy camera options to make sure you get all the features that you want at the right price. For example, you can invest in small spy cameras to fit the security budget that your company has set.

There are also spy cams to choose from such as cameras with audio, cameras with a built-in DVR, office spy cams, spy cams with night vision, and much more. Picking the right one will ensure that you get the maximum ROI for your investment.

If you're worried that some of your employees are stealing materials for your office, for example, then you can use an office spy camera to keep an eye out. If they are then you can catch them in the act. If not, then you have new peace of mind.

2. They Can Stream to Your Phone

Again, another common misunderstanding is that the word "spy cam" means that you can only see a recording after the fact. But thanks to modern technology, spy cams can stream live to your smartphone device.

You could be miles away from the office and still get live notifications of any movement or activity.

The camera is set up to work with a WiFi connection, so it sends you the footage via the internet. If anything were to occur, you could contact local authorities and have them at the scene within a few minutes.

Better yet, you can save that footage for future use. If you want to save it to show local law enforcement or just to discuss with an employee, then it's as easy as clicking a button.

Most spy cams come with a mobile application that they associate with. You can pay for as much or as little storage as you'd like, making it more friendly for the company budget as well.

3. Flexibility to Place Them Anywhere

Because many spy cameras are wireless these days, you (the company owner) now have the flexibility to place them wherever you'd like.

You can put them in the corner of your offices, in meeting rooms, on desks, on top of cubicles, in the front door, and wherever else you see fit.

It's especially handy for those of you that own property with your business. You can place outdoor spy cams on high-traffic and low-traffic areas to ensure no unlawful activity is occurring.

it's also not a bad way to ensure that your employees aren't sneaking around behind the building to goof off.

Make it known to your employees that there are security cameras set up throughout your facility. It will provide accountability for everyone on your staff, as well as delivery personnel and clientele, to act as professionally as possible.

4. They Come in All Different Shapes (and Forms)

You would not believe the forms that certain spy cameras can take at this day in age. Some are disguised so well, that you'd never know they were there at all.

Everyone has heard of the classic smoke detectors and stuffed animals that have spycams inside of them, but most people don't realize other office items that contain them.

There are things such as USB storage devices, clock radios, light bulbs, AC adapters, tissue boxes, electric outlets, and even cell phone chargers.

If you want to go next-level with your office spy cams, then you certainly can with options such as a desk fan with a camera hidden inside. You could also purchase a nice square clock that contains a hidden camera.

Whether or not you decide to go full-camouflage with your security cameras is completely up to you. Just know that you have options if the need ever arises!

5. They Can Be Installed on Any Property

If your property is getting up there in age, then you might not think your facility is modern enough to use new-age spy cams. However, those are the kinds of facilities that thieves are inclined to steal from. The ones without security cameras.

Thanks to spy cameras that have WiFi or a built-in DVR, you can place them anywhere, regardless of the facility's age.

It's never too late to start incorporating spy cameras. You don't have to purchase and install them all at once, either. Start by purchasing a camera or two, then add a few more as your business continues to grow.

Start to Integrate Spy Cams in Your Facility Today

Now that you've seen several interesting facts about spy cams, it's time to boost your office's security.

Be sure to read this article on how a spy camera can provide more protection for your home or business.

For more inquiries, please reach out to our contact us page and we'll be happy to assist you further!

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