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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Hidden Cameras for Your Business

7th May 2019

Are you in need of security cameras that shoplifters won’t notice right away? Are you looking for places where you can buy hidden cameras? Do you want to know how to choose the best-hidden camera for your office or shop?

The security technology and services market worldwide generated around $75.6 billion in revenue in 2015. Many businesses already use CCTV systems, which are very obvious. Unless the system is extensive, shoplifters can always find blind spots.

This is one reason why other business owners are buying hidden cameras. They provide the same protection but leave the tools hidden from sight.

Below is a security camera system buying guide for all business owners.

1. What Makes a Great Hidden Camera?

Security cameras are great to help prevent shoplifting. Yet, as our security technology advances, so do the tactics of shoplifters and robbers. If a shoplifter knows there is a security camera around, he will look for a blind spot to hide in while he placed goods in his pockets.

In most cases, the ideal hidden cameras are small, flexible, and simple to use. They need to be able to blend with their environment well. Otherwise, standing out will defeat the purpose of their being a ‘spy’ camera.

Other important factors that make a hidden camera great include reliability and clear picture. Often, what you want in a camera is a resolution of 720p or higher. It should have stable connectivity, good power, and shows true colors.

2. Hidden Camera Types

When buying spy cameras, you need to determine the types that will best suit your business. Ask yourself what kind of spy camera will match the office or work area. Do you have smoke detectors where you can place a smoke detector hidden camera in?

There are many models for hidden cameras. Their connection types also vary between wireless, wired, and more. We’ve listed down some of the common hidden camera types:

  • Hardwired
  • IP hidden camera
  • Wireless
  • 4G wireless

The models and forms of every hidden camera can also vary. Some can look like smoke detectors, alarm clocks, or plugs. You can also get spy cameras that you can attach to books, lamps, or wall clocks.

3. Specifications

When you buy a spy camera, consider the specifications that will fit your office or store. Does your camera need to have a wide-angle lens? Should it be able to have night vision?

Think about its storage capabilities, power source, and location. Is it necessary you get one with a playback function? Always think about these things before you decide to buy a hidden camera.

4. Considerations When Buying Hidden Cameras

Before you decide on which spy cameras you want to buy, you need to take some considerations in mind.

Connection Type

One of the most important considerations you must think about is the connection type. Do you want a Wi-Fi hidden camera? Should you choose a hardwired camera or one that is Internet Accessible (IP)?

The hardwired camera is the most reliable one when it comes to connections but also the most obvious. Wireless hidden cameras need a separate transmitter and receiver. They are also less reliable than hardwired cameras since they work on a signal.

The IP camera works as a wireless camera but you plug it into a USB drive or computer. You can use this camera for surveillance if you don’t mind the data in the hard drive being visible. The 4G wireless hidden cameras are the most advanced but they only work in areas with 4G coverage.

Storage Space

How much surveillance data are you willing to keep? Most hidden cameras use SD cards to store the data. Others have built-in internal memory systems that store data on automatic.

For the latter, you can view the data when you plug it to a computer. Most cameras can use memory cards with memory ranging between 2 to 62 GB. Note that how fast the space of your memory fills will also depend on the resolution of the video.

Resolution and Lighting

The quality of your surveillance videos depends on the resolution of the output. A camera with more advanced technology can take high-quality videos with sharper resolution and accurate colors. You can choose between the categories: high quality, high resolution, and high definition.

The high definition is the best resolution type. Although, it will no matter if you have bad lighting. This is why you should look at the camera’s lux rating.

The camera’s lux rating determines how well it can take images despite bad lighting conditions in a room. A camera with a lux rating of 2 or less can capture a high-resolution image even in a dimly-lit room that is dim.

Power Source

Many spy cameras are portable and self-contained. These types use batteries as their power source. Do keep in mind that the length of time the camera needs to stay hidden should match its power source.

Consider this: you will give away the camera’s position if you must always replace its batteries. Also, ask yourself if you will be able to use rechargeable or one-time use batteries. The ideal spy cam is one that will be able to last as long as you need it to on battery power.

Activated by Motion or Heat

Did you know that Nevada, South Carolina, and Delaware are some of the states with the most cases of shoplifting? Meanwhile, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Oregon have the lowest counts of shoplifting. Each state in the US has different statistics on crime and its prevention.

Of course, hidden cameras will be very useful in places like Nevada. Let’s say you live in Oregon and only a few people come to your shop within the day. In this case, you could use cameras that have motion or heat sensors instead of regular spy cams.

This will allow you to save up on space and energy by allowing your cameras to go to sleep mode while they sense no one. As we said, these cameras are better suited for shops where few people come and go. They are also better for small shops rather than big ones.

Cost and Warranty

No matter how fancy you want your spy camera to be, it’s always smart to make a budget for it. A hidden camera with more features or better quality will no doubt be more expensive.

Like with any other gadget or technical device, hidden cameras have warranty periods. We recommend you get a brand with a reasonable warranty time. Most warranty periods for hidden cameras can range from 1 to 5 years.

Secure Your Business with Spy Cameras

That’s it for our guide on buying hidden cameras. Now, you can arm your place of business with these tiny but effective gadgets. We hope you enjoyed reading and found this post useful.

If you want more content like this, hop on over to our blog page. Are you looking for a place where to buy hidden cameras? Check out our site or feel free to contact us for more information.

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