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​ 7 Indoor Security Camera Placement Tips for Your Home

​ 7 Indoor Security Camera Placement Tips for Your Home

20th Mar 2020

Do you need a security camera placement guide? You might find it confusing to select the best secret places in your home to hide your spy cams.

You need to choose the best locations that provide the highest level of protection and to give you the peace of mind that your environment is secure. Check out these 7 tips for a security camera placement.

1. Your Kid's Bedroom is an Ideal Security Camera Placement

If you're a parent, the safety of your child will be your first priority. Installing a security camera in your kid's bedroom is one of the best places in your home.

If you have minors living in your home, it is legal for you to protect them with a security camera. You might also want to install a security camera to keep a watchful eye on your newborn baby.

When you're not in the same room, you have the advantage to watch your child's movements and to provide protection. Putting a camera in your kid's room prevents you from worrying that they're in danger and helps you to be alert.

You may also have concerns about hiring a nanny to care for your child. A spy camera comes in handy when you leave your child in the care of a nanny.

You don't have to worry about your child being alone with a stranger in your home. A camera gives you the perfect overview of what's happening when you're away.

Using a spy camera helps to reduce your stress levels and gives you the confidence that you're trusting the right person to look after your child.

2. Install It in the Master Bedroom

A commonplace in your home that a burglar might visit is the master bedroom. You could have fears about someone breaking into your bedroom and stealing your stuff.

If a burglar should break into your master bedroom, you can monitor their actions with your spy camera. This could be the most important room in your home where you put your all valuable possessions.

Be sure to find a discreet location in your master bedroom to hide your security camera. You can monitor the burglar's actions from all angles and this makes it easier for you to prove that someone broke into your home.

3. Hide a Camera by the Front Door

Did you know that 34% of burglars have the incline to enter through the front door? Statistics also show that most burglaries occur during the daytime.

So, it is logical for you to think about monitoring your front door with a security camera. This is the most important area in your home to install a camera because you can see when someone arrives at your front door or see who the person is if they open your door.

You can monitor larger areas in your home when you install a camera by the front door. This is the ideal camera placement where you have the advantage to protect your indoor space.

4. Fix Cameras by Your Stairways or Hallways

If a burglar breaks down your front door, you want to make sure you detect their movements. The burglar might even attempt to make their way up to your stairs.

So, you need to think about monitoring your stairways or hallways with a security camera. Once the intruder breaks into your home, their activities will be captured on your security camera.

The stairways and hallways are the ideal positions for the interior of your home because your camera will capture a good view of the burglar's face and help you to safeguard your valuables.

5. Place Cameras by Your First-Floor Windows

If a burglar fails to invade your home through the front or back door, they might try your first-floor windows. Since you will never know when a window break-in will occur, you can deter a burglar with a security camera.

You can install your camera at a specific angle for your first-floor windows. You can also fix your camera so that it faces your windows to capture the burglar's image.

Window security cameras can provide you with the extra layer of security you want for your home.

6. Keep a Camera in the Entertainment Room

You might want to keep an eye on your expensive computer equipment or entertainment center in your home. Put a hidden camera system in an area where you can keep an eye on the entire room.

You can strategically install your camera to monitor the items that are most important to you. If you want to disguise your camera in your entertainment room, you can place one on your shelves, or somewhere on your media center.

7. Place a Camera in the Basement

Some intruders might have easy access to your basement. This is an area in your home that you might not consider to install a camera.

Your basement is a common area that burglars can use to get inside your home. They can enter through an unlocked window in your basement or break open a window to gain access.

To protect this vulnerable part of your home, you can mount a security camera by the basement door, the basement stairs, or by the basement window. These are specific areas in your basement that you can use to get images of the intruder.

Keep Your Home Smart With the Best Security System

Is your home vulnerable to burglary? There are times when you might be unable to stop someone from breaking into your home.

You have the advantage to capture the entire theft on your security camera. Finding a proper security camera placement gives you better control to secure your home in real-time from burglars and to keep your family safe.

If you have an interest in learning more about spy cameras, you can contact us for more details.

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