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3 Different Miniature Security Cameras That Can Protect Your Business

3 Different Miniature Security Cameras That Can Protect Your Business

27th May 2021

Did you know that, in 2014, Mini security cameras found that 47% of retail theft was committed by staff? Hidden cameras can pick up a lot more than those cameras that stand out.

There are two types of CCTV cameras. Those on display and those that are hidden. Hidden cameras are tough for people to spot, even if they are looking for them.

With miniature cameras throughout your business, you can create extra security. The safety of your staff and products should be a priority to your business.

Coffee Pot Hidden Spy Cameras

The coffee pot WiFI + Dvr camera is a unique spy camera. Designed to look like a coffee maker, thieves will have a tough time spotting this camera.

Technical Description

With a built-in transmitter, you can send your video signals to your wireless router. The transmissions are secure and will be free from interference.

Due to the wireless function, you can receive all your footage straight to your computer. You also have the option of linking it up to your tablet or other devices.

This product includes a built-in alert feature. This feature will send a notification to the user each time it is activated. This notification will be sent via Email or FTP.

Methods of Usage

This type of camera is easy to use and has an excellent user-friendly interface. It also offers password protection, so only a limited number of people will have access.

The software that is included with this camera allows you to view up to 9 different cameras. This can allow you to view up to 9 separate locations within your business.

You will also be covered during out of hours. With a built-in motion detector, this camera will pick up unwanted visitors. This function allows you a far easier time to locate the exact time it is activated.

USB Spy Cameras

The Pview - USB camera is ideal for your office. It's a great solution to creating an extra level of safety. Designed to look like a standard USB drive, you won't need to worry about thieves spotting it.

Technical Description

It uses a high-definition 960P digital camera to record all it sees. With a built-in digital microphone, you can capture every noise within reach.

The internal battery will allow you to pick up up to an hour of footage. Or you can plug it in using the USB port to record for longer periods.

This divide uses SD Cards to save its recordings. Accepting up to a 32 Gb SD card, you will be able to capture all your video and sound.

Methods of Usage

Through using a USB 2.0 port, you can pick up this footage in a range of ways. The standard way to use this device would be a computer's USB port, or you could use a USB phone charger.

Due to the internal battery, you can record without having to insert it. This function is excellent for those who wish to record while on the go.

You can leave this device on standby while you away. The moment it detects movement within its range, it will activate. It will record every activity within view and save the data for when you return.

Exit Sign Security  Cameras

The Exit Sign WiFi + Dvr Camera is another unique product. Most businesses will have exit signs to direct people on how to leave the building. Capture the thieves exit from the building.

Technical Description

With an average setup time of 30 seconds, this wireless spy camera is easy to use. Attach it above your exit, and you're ready to go.

To truly profit from this product, you will need high-speed internet access. As this product is wireless, it will need to connect to the internet network. With a single IP address, you can control this camera from your computer.

It also can record straight onto an SD Card. It can accept up to a 128Gb SD Card to record its data.

Methods of Usage

With a live feed, you can keep up to date with the comings and goings of your business. This is perfect for use when you are away from the office.

The software that accompanies this camera allows you to record the images. This is ideal for those times you need to look back on a specific situation unfolding.

With motion detection and instant alert, this product will notify you of nighttime visitors. It will send notifications by email or FTP.

Smoke Detector Security Camera

Every business will have smoke detectors. Why not have one of them protect you from more than just fire. With the, Smoke Detector Hidden Spy Nanny Camera Dvr With Wireless Streaming you can do just that.

Technical Description

With two built-in cameras, you can cover a larger area for extra safety. One spy camera faces straight down, and the other is set into the side of the smoke detector. This camera has a 45-degree angle for the optimum viewing area.

The built-in battery allows the device to work for up to 20 hours. It is rechargeable. Simply plug it into any power outlet.

Methods of Usage

Modeled as a smoke detector, this product will blend in with your work environment. It will be rare that a thief will notice it.

Due to the wireless feature, you can view both cameras through your computer network. It also has the potential of expanding to more cameras on the same network.

Miniature Security Cameras

Sometimes a hidden spy camera needs to fit into small spaces. The mini magnetic camera, 1080P HD cam can do just that.

Technical Description

With a built-in magnetic ability, you can place this camera on any magnetic surface. With its small size and weight, you won't have to worry about it falling off, becoming damaged.

This product blends together motion sensitivity and night vision. This blend will allow you to pick up all those unwanted night guests in greater detail.

Methods of Usage

By inserting a T-Flash card, you can start recording instantly. Insert the card and attach it to your desired location, and that is all.

Install Your Safety

Now you have 5 great options for miniature Security  cameras. Which one will you buy today?

Will you buy the USB stick camera? Maybe you will buy the coffee machine? Will you look into installing an Exit sign Camera?

Register your new account today to purchase your new spy cameras. Or, subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our products.

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