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5 Misconceptions about a Spy Cam in Your Home or Business

5 Misconceptions about a Spy Cam in Your Home or Business

20th Dec 2019

In the world we live in today, you can never be too careful about how you provide security to your home.

After all, trying to protect you and your family is of the utmost importance, no matter what it takes to achieve that.

Fortunately, you live in an era where technology has never been more prepared to help provide the security that you're looking for.

Finding ways to integrate a spy cam or two inside and outside your home can help you find peace-of-mind. Here are several common misconceptions that people have about security cameras in today's day in age.

1. They're Too Expensive

Many people associate the technology and all the features behind spy cams and automatically assume that the price compensates for it.

That couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, there are way too many companies and models out there to choose from. Companies with similar models try to gain an advantage by lowering their prices.

Because of that, you (the customer) benefit from several options within a price range you feel comfortable with.

Granted, the price will vary depending on the features that you want and don't want. For instance, a high-definition wireless 4G camera will cost much more than a small spy camera.

Do some research on the various features that today's spy cameras come with and then write down a list of the features you want yours to have.

That will make it easier to comb the marketplace looking for the spy camera with the most value at your ideal price.

In conclusion: spy cameras are not expensive. Their price is relative to the number of features that you're looking for.

2. Any Camera Will Do the Job

Chalk it up to the bliss of ignorance, but there are many customers out there that think any security camera can do the job of a spy camera... dead. wrong.

Seeing as how the whole point of a spy camera is to remain hidden, there are clearly some cameras that won't do that well.

Some are too bulky to be used as spy cams; they'd be noticed right away. Others simply lack the features that you need. The spy cam you choose should be for your intended use.

For instance, if you're placing a spy camera for your front yard, you'll need one that has a night vision feature. Otherwise, you may as well not have a camera at all.

To sum it up: not just any camera can pass as a spy cam. Find the right fit for your intended use before purchasing.

3. Anyone Can Install Them

Another common fallacy about spy cameras is that anyone is capable of installing them.

Granted, there are those out there who are very resourceful and could most likely figure it out on their own. However, by doing it yourself, you risk not having it in the right place to do its job.

What good is a hidden spy camera that has a tree branch obstructing its view? If you're not an experienced professional, you don't know what to keep an eye out for.

Not to mention, some spy cameras are more difficult to set up than others. You want to make sure that how you set it up will maximize all the features you paid for.

The conclusion: you'd rather be safe than sorry. Watch these helpful setup videos to familiarize yourself with setting up specific models you might purchase.

4. They're Only Used for Scaring off Criminals

Many customers in the marketplace don't invest in spy cameras because they believe that they're only intended use is for deterring crime.

Granted, that is definitely one of the top priorities of them, but it's not the only use you'd have for a spy cam.

For example, you can also use the camera to see who's ringing your front porch doorbell, seeing when your kids leave/arrive at the house, or for peace-of-mind.

You can always check in on things such as a package you're expected to be delivered, or making sure your child takes out the trash as you asked them to.

As a result: whatever the case may be, you will find several other uses for having a spy cam installed. Whether the camera is inside, outside, or both.

5. My Property Is Too Old to Install Them

The last misconception on this list is the thought that some people have where they believe their home or property to be too old to install.

They associate the new spy camera technology with those of the smart home variety.

However, there are so many different spy cameras that don't need wiring installation as you might think. Even if your property is too old to set up wired spy cams, there are battery-powered cameras that would work perfectly.

What's the conclusion? There is a spy camera that is a perfect fit for any age, size, or condition of the house you live in. Don't let this deter you from shopping around for one that you need.

Find the Spy Cam That Fits Your Needs

Every family and business out there has different features that they'll need in the spy cam they purchase. Figure out what those are for your situation and find one that offers all the answers to your problems.

Be sure to read this article on why spy cams make great nanny cams for more insight into the multiple uses of having one.

For more inquiries, please reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you with any other questions you may have.

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