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5 Things to Know About WiFi Hidden Cameras

5 Things to Know About WiFi Hidden Cameras

14th Sep 2018

Before you run out and purchase random WiFi hiden cameras, you'll want to read this article. In it, we will highlight some of the important things to take into consideration when looking at all the camera options.

You know for sure that you want to protect your children and your home. No unwanted visitors are getting in on your watch.

WiFi hidden cameras seem to be the way to go, but how do you choose a model?

What is most important to consider when choosing a nanny cam? Everything you need to know about that important decision is right here.

WiFi Hidden Cameras

Using a wireless camera for your nanny cam may be the best option for you. Take a look at the things you have to know before you choose one for your home.

Fast Internet

For a camera to stream live video 24/7, it has to be connected to fast internet. You don't want to get your camera home and then find out the video is sluggish or choppy.

Make sure to check your internet speed at home before you buy a WiFi hidden camera, just to make sure it's fast enough to handle the streaming.


While price may be a factor in determining which camera you choose, don't let it be the only one. Make sure you are getting a quality camera.

Contact the company and ask for sample video footage from the specific model of camera you are looking at purchasing. You will be able to see whether the image is blurry or difficult to see.

Even if the camera is 1080p, it still needs quality sensors for the camera, or the image can end up blurry. Getting a sample video is the best way to find out if your camera will work for you.

Smartphone Connection

Most WiFi hidden cameras connect to an app you can download on your smartphone. You are able to check all your cameras from one app, if you get cameras for different vantage points in your home.

Log in from anywhere and check to make sure that your home is secure and everything is alright.

One additional feature some cameras have is that they send an alert to your smartphone when motion is detected. This way you know when someone has entered the room, be it the nanny, a pet, or a thief. You know there is someone there and you can log in to check.


Nanny cams that are designed to be hidden in plain sight come in all types of disguises, and they are designed to be discreet. Whether you go with an alarm clock or a charging dock with a pinhole camera, or anything in between, make sure you place it where it looks natural in your home.

There are also cameras that aren't designed to be seen at all, and depending on the area you are putting the camera, something like that might be a better option. Make sure to explore all the models available before making a decision.

Making the Right Decision

If you take these considerations into account when you shop for your nanny cam, you'll be sure end up with a great choice for protecting your home.

Whatever model of WiFi hidden cameras is right for your home, you will find all the help you need on our website. Visit us today, and feel free to reach out with any questions or if you need help.

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