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7 Surprising Ways Hidden Spy Cameras Benefit Your Business

7 Surprising Ways Hidden Spy Cameras Benefit Your Business

22nd Apr 2019

Businesses are under threat from their competitors every day. They have a tremendous amount of pressure to get customers, be profitable, and beat the competition.

If that’s not stressful enough, businesses are under threat by their own customers and employees. Businesses lose up to $50 billion a year due to employee theft and even more from shoplifting.

That’s one of the reasons why many business owners are turning to hidden spy cameras to help them run their business.

1. You Can’t Be at Your Business 24/7

You may be a business owner, but you can’t be at your business 24/7. You’ll burn yourself out. If you have more than one location, you certainly can’t be in two places at the same time.

What a camera setup can do for you is free up your time. You can check in on your business locations from anywhere, whether enjoying a vacation or from the comfort of your home.

That will give you flexibility in your schedule and more balance in your life because you have one eye on your business while enjoying life away from the office.

2. Lower Insurance Costs

How would you like to save money on your insurance costs? Remember, insurance carriers risk a sizeable amount of money if something were to happen at your business. The higher the risk, the higher your insurance premiums.

Insurance companies will give a discount if you install hidden spy cameras at your business location. These cameras lower your chances that you’ll have damage to your property and help combat theft.

Insurance companies reward businesses that lower their exposure to risk with lower insurance premiums.

3. Customers & Employees Feel More Secure

There are some businesses that are membership-based and operate with a keycard to get in. Low-cost 24-hour gyms are an example.

They’re always open and you can work out whenever you’d like as long as you have your keycard. They aren’t staffed 24/7, so if you need to work out at 3 am, you want to feel safe.

Your customers want to feel safe and secure, too. If customers don't feel safe, it could deter them from visiting your establishment.

Employee safety is a critical part of your business, too. You want your employees to feel safe and secure if they have to work at your establishment by themselves.

4. Protect Your Property

How important is your property? Not only the outside of your property, but your equipment inside your property?

Having hidden spy cameras can protect your business from employee theft, shoplifting, and equipment damage as long as they're placed in the right spots.

Even your customers' data is at risk at your business. If there’s a data breach that’s significant, you could lose thousands and have to shut down.

Thieves will use ATM or POS skimmers to collect credit card information from your customers as they’re getting cash or paying for a product. Hidden spy cameras help you protect the integrity of those payment systems and catch potential criminals.

5. See How Your Customers Behave

How would like to see how customer shop at your store? Hidden spy cams can allow you to do exactly that.

For example, if you have a grocery store or a retail store, you can see if customers linger and browse in certain sections of your store, or if they go in, get what they need and leave.

These are valuable insights that you can use to improve the layout and displays in your store. You can use customer insights to highlight more profitable products or change your layout to draw customers through the store.

Likewise, if you see that they have a hard time trying to find a specific product, you can change the layout to make those products easier to find.

6. Your Business Can Have Better Customer Service

You have a customer walk into a store when you’re not there. Your staff that is physically present at your store isn’t present to the customer because they’re too busy on their phone.

You see this in countless instances at all kinds of businesses. As a customer, this type of experience says that you don’t matter. That’s far from what you want customers to think and feel about your company.

It could hurt your business in the long run, as customers will switch to your competition if they have a bad customer experience.

This is an opportunity to educate your employees and improve your customer experience at your location. You can have a camera on the front desk and monitor your employees’ interactions with your customers. Are they attentive to your customers or are they indifferent?

You can then take the appropriate steps to monitor and continue to improve employee behavior. Your customers will notice because they’re getting better service.

7. Limit Your Business Liability

As great as America is because you can start a business will very little, it’s a lawsuit-happy country.

Employees and customers can easily sue you. The great thing about having hidden security cameras at your place of business is that you are recording what can become evidence in a case.

Customers can claim a slip and fall case. A car wash could get accused of scratching a car, or someone could claim that your business was negligent and caused a serious injury. That can result in unexpected costs for businesses, forcing them to cut operating expenses just to survive.

You can avoid these frivolous lawsuits by installing hidden spy cams to protect your business and limit your liability in the event of a lawsuit.

Hidden Spy Cameras Can Help Your Business

Most business owners think that hidden spy cameras are only to prevent theft or to spy on employees. The truth is that hidden spy cameras can help you improve your customer experience and reduce your business liability, too.

Hidden spy cameras also help you manage your business and improve your customer's experience without having to be at your business every day.

Ready to get your business set up with hidden spy cameras? Start shopping here for a wide selection of cameras.

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