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Eyes on the Road: Why Your Commercial Vehicles Need Dash Cams

Eyes on the Road: Why Your Commercial Vehicles Need Dash Cams

1st Mar 2021

There has been a 52% increase in trucking accidents in the last decade. These incidents put your business and employees at risk, and are financially stressful.

Using dash cams in your commercial vehicles will help to reduce the risk of accidents, save you money, and streamline your business processes. So, what are you waiting for?

Check out these top reasons why your fleet vehicles should have dash cams.

Protect Employee Drivers From Accident False Claims and Scams

One of the biggest dashcam benefits is the exoneration of your employee drivers in accidents that weren't their fault. Trucks are blamed for causing accidents most of the time, even though they are most often not at fault.

In fact, in almost 80% of accidents involving a car and a truck, it is the passenger vehicle that is at fault. Dashcams ensure that the driver and your company don't take the fall for an accident that they didn't cause.

Additionally, car crash scams are on the rise. This involves deliberately staging an accident, usually by slamming on brakes, causing another car to smash into the conman's vehicle. With a forward-facing dash cam, your company will be protected from such criminal acts.

Real-Time Tracking of Fleet Vehicles

You can keep track of your vehicles 24/7 by using dash cams with advanced GPS features. This is beneficial for a number of reasons. Most obviously, you'll know where your vehicles and drivers are at all times. You'll know how your vehicles are being used by employees and if they're following the correct route.

However, if you integrate this with a software tracking system you can make predictions on arrival times. This way you can keep your client up-to-date with delivery times and delays.

Smart Dash Cams Assist Drivers

Smart dash cams can assist your drivers in a number of ways. Dual lenses will help with parking and reversing, making it easier to navigate tight spots.

These cameras can also recognize when the driver isn't paying attention to the road. The camera issues a warning if the driver is not focused, or if the truck gets too close to another vehicle.

These warnings are logged, making it easy for you to identify reckless drivers and resolve the issue before an accident occurs.

Preventing Fraud and Theft

Are you worried that your employees are misusing your vehicle or using company time for personal errands? Or perhaps you're concerned that your driver is causing the car scams mentioned above.

Worrying about employee theft or misconduct shouldn't be playing on your mind. You can reduce your worries as well as the likelihood of this happening by installing dashcams to monitor your employees.

Evidence for Insurance Claims

It's useful to have evidence of accidents when making insurance claims, and it certainly speeds up the process. Rather than depending on stories and descriptions from those involved, the recorded footage will show exactly what happened.

This means that a fair judgment will be made for your insurance claim. You'll benefit from a speedier process as written evidence won't have to be collected about the incident.

May Reduce Insurance Premiums on Business Vehicles

Insurance companies have caught on to the benefit of dash cams. Safety is a huge factor in determining your insurance premiums. And due to the fact that dash cams improve safety and reduce risks, insurance companies tend to look upon them favorably.

You may be able to secure lower premiums, credit, or even a subsidy for installing a dash cam. It's worthwhile to speak to your insurance company about their policy on dash cams, you may just be pleasantly surprised.

Encourages Safer Driving

When drivers are constantly monitored and could be held accountable by the dash cam footage, they are more likely to drive with care. You may invest a lot of time and money into training drivers but this doesn't ensure that they won't behave erratically behind the wheel.

You'll have access to safety data and you can incentivize safe driving to further encourage safer driving. Perhaps set up a rewards-based system based on the safety data from the dash cams in each vehicle.

Safer driving is a massive benefit all around. It will reduce wear and tear of the vehicle, mitigate the risk of accidents, and save costs on fuel.

Supports Employee Drivers' Training

Do you have a driving coaching program to train drivers? By using the dash cam footage to provide feedback to drivers, you can have visual representations of mistakes and issues that need to be corrected.

This will not only improve your in-house training methods but it reduces the likelihood of having to seek extra training resources, thereby saving you money and time.

By building an effective fleet of well-trained drivers, you can retain employees, which is beneficial for your business and will reduce labor costs in the long run.

Are You Ready to Install Dash Cams in Your Commercial Vehicles?

There's no doubt that your business and your employees will benefit massively from installing dash cams in your commercial vehicles. You'll be protected from employee misconduct and reckless driving and will have access to important driving log safety information and the location of your fleet.

Additionally, your drivers will benefit as they will be protected from scams and taking the fall for accidents that they didn't cause.

If you're ready to install dash cams in your commercial vehicles, check out our top-quality dash cams. If you'd like to learn more about each camera and need some advice on the best ones, don't hesitate to contact us

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