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Have a Nanny? Here's 5 Reasons You Should Have a Nanny Cam

Have a Nanny? Here's 5 Reasons You Should Have a Nanny Cam

4th Sep 2018

Some people are strongly against installing a nanny cam or two in their homes because they feel it's offensive for the nanny. However, once you read our reasons why a nanny cam is a must in any home with small children, we're confident you'll change your mind.

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Children die in daycare every year. Of the thousands of daycare centers in this country, housing 8.2 million children, only 10 percent are rated as high-quality institutions.

Parents elect to bring nannies into their homes, thinking that it's safer and better for their child's development to hire one consistent caregiver. But the death rate for infants with nannies or in-home care is 7 times higher than in daycare centers.

There are no regulations for in-home care.

Here are 5 reasons you should regulate the safety of your own home by installing a nanny cam.

1. To Develop a Rapport with the Nanny

Ideally, a nanny is someone you trust implicitly, a friend or maybe a grandparent, but many parents are now turning to caregiver websites to find someone to watch their children. Even if you get a background check, require referrals in triplicate, and spend an hour interviewing every candidate, a bond of trust is something that develops over time.

A nanny camera gives you and your nanny the chance to establish a relationship. It provides concrete reviewable evidence of your nanny's competence and skill set.

2. To Keep Tabs on the Nanny

Almost every profession requires some form of supervision, but with home-based childcare, the manager is always absent from the job site. Further, the client, in this case, is often unable to speak or adequately describe events, and the nanny is subject to little quality control.

It has always been a common practice for parents to drop by unexpectedly for lunch or show up at the park to catch the nanny off-guard in order to monitor behavior. A camera allows you to do the same thing without disrupting your day.

Nanny cams can be as obvious or inconspicuous as you want: as small as a 1 inch cube or a tablet-sized device that can be repositioned around the house. And they're highly integrated now into cell phone docks and Bluetooth speakers, which is dang cool. They're not all gutted teddy bears stuffed with camcorders anymore.

3. To Keep Connected to Baby

One of the biggest causes of contention within the nanny-parent relationship is the guilt and jealousy a mother often feels for missing out on the day-to-day with her baby. Even a cheap nanny cam has remote view now, which means you can check in whenever you want. Sometimes it's enough to just see your baby sleeping or playing throughout the day to keep feeling connected.

4. To Be in Two Places at Once

Wifi nanny cams have almost done the impossible by allowing you to be fully immersed in two places at one time. They allow you to monitor home security, to see if your packages are being stolen, or even to work from home and know when your baby gets out of his crib or is climbing on furniture.

5. To Capture Cute Nanny Cam Footage of Pets to Make the World a Better Place

Watching pet videos is a scientifically proven mood enhancer. Pet videos are also a great way to get views on Youtube. Use your nanny camera to make the entire world a better place.

But, Really, Why Risk It?

Technology has made our lives better and our jobs easier. Why wouldn't we use it to keep our kids safer? Browse our nanny cam selection and find the right one for you.

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