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How to Prevent Shoplifting in Your Store With Tiny Spy Cameras

How to Prevent Shoplifting in Your Store With Tiny Spy Cameras

16th Oct 2018

Shoplifting is an issue that nearly every business needs to deal with. Read here to learn the tips you need for your store to prevent shoplifting with tiny spy cameras.

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In 2016, shoplifting accounted for $48.9 billion in loss of retail revenue. This amount was up $3 billion from 2015 and is continuing to continue to rise.

Don't let your business become part of the shoplifting statistics. Shoplifting results in not only a loss of revenue but also an unnecessary headache. Every business should learn how to prevent shoplifting.

Read below to learn how tiny spy cameras can prevent shoplifting in your store.

Keep It Clean, Organized

A cluttered, unorganized business is a lot easier to shoplift from than a clean, organized one.

A messy store makes it harder to keep track of inventory. If a thief walks in and sees the mess, they can assume you and your employees aren't attentive. Keep your shelves, dressing rooms, and displays neat.

Also, make sure you have adequate lighting in your store. Dark corners are an invitation for shoplifters.

Have Attentive Employees

Attentive employees are an important factor needed to stop thieves. Employees who are staring at phones or computer aren't aware of their surroundings.

Have a policy that employees greet every customer that walks through the door. Making eye contact with a potential shoplifter can make all the difference.

Instruct your employees to be extra attentive if you see a potential shoplifter. Ask if the customer needs help finding an item and stay in eye-sight.

Use a Tiny Spy Camera

Tiny spy cameras are a necessity in retail security.

These cameras connect wirelessly to your store's Wi-Fi. This enables you to watch the video feed live from anywhere. The video free is also recorded for easy playback later on. If you suspect frequent shoplifting is occurring, a tiny spy camera is a great way to prove this.

By using a hidden camera, shoplifters won't be able to spot your security method. You'll be more likely to catch them in the act. A camera also comes in handy if you want to press criminal charges. You can provide the video feed to police as proof of the crime.

Tiny spy cameras are affordable and come in a variety sizes and styles.

Try an Entrance Alert Sensor

Are you still looking for more ways on how to stop stealing? Consider trying an entrance alert sensor.

These are a great option for smaller businesses. They notify you every time a customer enters your store. This will ensure your employees are conscious of shoppers.

The sensor will go off again when the shopper exits the store. They won't be able to sneak past your employees with merchandise. When your employee hears the alarm, they can look up for suspicious activity.

A more expensive option is security tags. You can attach these tags to any expensive merchandise in your store. An employee will take the tag off when someone pays for the item. If the customer attempts to leave without paying, an alarm will sound.

Other Uses For Tiny Spy Cameras

Now that you know how to prevent shoplifting, think about other ways incorporate tiny spy cameras in your life.

A security camera inside your home will protect your family in the event of a crime. You can also check in on your family at any time to make sure everyone is okay.

Learn about the best hiding spots for tiny spa cameras in your home.

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