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Looking for a Business Spy Camera? 10 Types of Cameras You Can Use

Looking for a Business Spy Camera? 10 Types of Cameras You Can Use

21st Mar 2019

Business owners can benefit from using spy cameras in their stores, offices, warehouses, and more in all kinds of different ways.

In some instances, hidden cams can reduce the chances of shoplifting. In others, they can keep employees on their toes and make sure they're providing the best possible customer service. They can even cut your business insurance costs when they're used right.

If you're in the market for a spy camera, there are lots of different options for you to choose from. You can find spy cams to fit almost any need inside your business.

Check out 10 types of spy cameras you can put to good use below.

1. Pen Camera

Your business probably has pens lying around all over the place. Your employees and customers won't bat an eye when they see something like the 960P Built-In DVR Pen Camera added to the mix.

This spy camera looks exactly like a real pen right down to the comfort grip. But unlike ordinary pens, it's equipped with a built-in color camera capable of capturing high-quality video and a motion detection feature that allows it to spring into action when necessary.

2. USB Charger Camera

These days, it's actually pretty rare to see an outlet without a USB charger for a cell phone plugged into it. More than 90 percent of Americans own a cell phone, so there's always someone looking for a charge.

That will allow you to set up a spy camera like the USB Charger Hidden Spy Security Camera with Built-in DVR without a problem. It can be used to charge up a cell phone if you want. But it's also outfitted with both a built-in hidden camera and a DVR Micro SD card video recorder.

3. Electrical Outlet Camera

Are you afraid someone might unplug your USB charger camera and walk off with it? Then take your spy cam game to the next level with an electrical outlet camera that will go completely undetected in any area of your business.

A spy camera like the Outlet Hidden Camera Built-In DVR-Hard Wired doesn't work as an actual outlet. But it definitely looks like one and will blend right in with all the other outlets in your office space or store.

It'll also provide you with a built-in DVR recorder that can capture both audio and video and a motion detection feature.

4. USB Drive Camera

If you need a spy camera that you can pick up and carry around with you, a USB drive camera might be your best option.

The USB Camstick with Night Vision is small and discreet, and it can be used for storing data if you want it to. It can also be used to snap photographs, record video, and even capture night vision clips.

5. Smoke Detector Camera

Every year, there are more than 1.3 million fires that take place all across the U.S. The majority of them occur inside of homes, but there are also plenty of businesses affected by them, too.

With that in mind, people will expect to see smoke detectors set up on the ceilings and walls in your business when they walk into it. But what they won't expect is a spy camera to be situated inside of at least one of them.

The Zone Shield 4K Night Vision Smoke Detector (Side View) DVR is not capable of detecting fires. But it is capable of capturing crisp video with HD resolution up to 4K to keep your business safe in other ways.

6. Water Bottle Camera

Would you like to keep a close eye on your employees while they're hanging out in a break room? A water bottle camera is the perfect spy camera to use while you do it.

The Water Bottle Hidden Spy Camera looks like a spitting image of most other water bottles you've seen, right down to the polyethylene terephthalate construction. But it also has a camera tucked inside of it that can shoot HD video and a battery that can keep it running for more than 2 hours at a time.

7. Bluetooth Speaker Camera

As recently as just a few years ago, most Bluetooth speakers still cost a fortune. But today, you can buy one for as little as just $10, which is why they're starting to pop up more and more all over the place.

Use this to your advantage by sticking the WiFi Bluetooth Speaker Camera on a shelf somewhere in your business. It has a CCTV camera in it that can live stream video straight to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It can also record for up to 240 hours when you stick a 128-gigabyte SD card into it.

8. Carbon Monoxide Camera

Responsible business owners set up carbon monoxide detectors in their stores and offices to protect their employees and customers. Make sure you have them installed.

But make sure you have a Carbon Monoxide Detector Hidden Spy Security Camera installed, too. It looks identical to a real carbon monoxide detector and even includes a real brand name right on it.

But you won't use it to detect carbon monoxide. You'll use it as a DVR recorder and store high-quality videos on Micro SD memory cards that you place into it.

9. Office Clock Camera

In theory, you don't want customers and employees to spend all day looking at the hidden cameras you've installed in your business. But you won't mind them doing it if those spy cams just so happen to be disguised as clocks.

People can look at the Office Clock Hidden Spy Camera all they want. They still won't be able to tell that it has a DVR video recorder inside of it that will be looking right back at them and saving high-resolution videos to a Micro SD memory card.

10. Eyeglasses Camera

Do you want to capture some video for yourself while attending a business meeting or speaking with one of your employees?

There are eyeglasses cameras, such as the Thin Frame Eyeglasses with Built-in DVR, that will allow you to do it without the person who is being recorded noticing. It has a tiny camera positioned off to the side of the right lens and can save any video that it captures to a Micro SD memory card tucked inside.

Buy a Spy Camera for Your Business Today

If you want to commit to keeping a closer watch over your business as you move forward, investing in a spy camera is a smart idea.

Whether you go with a pen camera, a water bottle camera, a smoke detector camera, or something else, you'll get the chance to monitor what's going on in your business at all times. And others won't suspect that you have had cameras installed at all when you invest in the right products.

Contact us today to find out more about the different types of spy cameras.

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