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Business owners can benefit from using spy cameras in their stores, offices, warehouses, and more in all kinds of different ways.In some instances, hidden cams can reduce the chances of shoplifting. In others, they can keep employees on their toes and make sure they're providing the best possible customer service. They can even cut your business insurance costs when they're used right.If you're in the market for a spy camera, there are lots of di… Read more
Part of having a WiFi hidden camera is knowing where to put it so that people don't know where it is, but the camera is still able to capture the goings on. Today, we're going to give you some insight on where to place your cameras to get the best coverage area.In 1997, WiFi was invented.WiFi has changed the world so much, and it is--to date--one the fastest moving pieces of technology in the history of the world. Currently, 80% of the worl… Read more

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