Demo Page

 WiFi Series Hidden Camera Models

Live Demo 1:

Live View Using the Free App Software
for Tablets or Smart Phones

Try this Live Demo for ALL iPhones and iPads,
and for all Android Smartphones and Tablets


  1. Open your phone or tablet device open the App Store or Google Play - Search for the app called "Pro EZCam"
  2. Install and Run the "Pro EZCam" App on your device
  3. When you launch the App press the "+" icon in the upper-right
  4. Choose "Law Camera" then enter this information:
  5. Either tap "Enter Camera ID" and manually type the ID "EZCAM-005217-TNLBM" or scan this code:

  1. Enter Access Code "1234". After pressing "OK", you should see the message "Add Succeeded". If you are prompted to reset the device, go back to step 5 and make sure the ID was entered correctly.
  2. Tap the "Play" icon in the center of the green rectangle
  3. Live hidden camera video should be displayed