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How to Choose a Spy Camera for Office Use

How to Choose a Spy Camera for Office Use

31st Mar 2024

By some estimates, there are more than a billion security cameras in use. These cameras are everywhere from stoplights to business entrances, usually with the goal of safety.

However, not all cameras are in plain sight. Many security cameras are hidden cameras, set with the goal of catching someone who wouldn't do something if they knew they were being watched. Finding the right spy camera for office spaces can help you do the same, as well as improve your security.

If you're curious about finding the best spy cameras, we're here to help. Read on for a quick guide on how to pick the best hidden cameras.

First, Legality

The first thing you should consider is the legality of your camera. There are some states where hidden cameras are not legal.

In every state, it's also not legal to hide a camera where there's an expectation of privacy. That includes places like restrooms, changing rooms, breastfeeding rooms, or anywhere else where someone would expect privacy.

Make sure that you can legally have hidden cameras before you invest in them. Not only can this stop you from wasting money, but it can also stop you from ending up in court.

Choose a Style

Second, you should think of what style you want. There are plenty of security camera options that are clandestine choices.

One common choice is the clock camera. As the name suggests, these are functioning clocks with a built-in camera. These are great for hanging on a wall, but have few other options.

Another popular style is the false smoke detector. These smoke detectors give you a bird's eye view of the room, making them great for places with high ceilings. However, if the office has a lower ceiling, this camera won't catch as much.

Finally, pinhole cameras are a popular choice. These are tiny cameras that are easily hidden wherever you'd like. They're often hidden in bookcases or other easy-to-hide locations.

Popular Features

Now that we know some of the forms a hidden camera can take, what sort of features should you look for? Here are some of the most popular features when exploring hidden cameras.

Battery or Plug

Have you considered how your camera is powered? Cameras can be either battery operated or use a plug. There are also rechargeable cameras, though these are less common.

Battery cameras are more popular due to being easy to hide. These cameras have no wires coming out of them and also are usually slimmer. However, you need to keep track of their batteries.

Battery cameras are ideal for cameras that aren't near an outlet, or hidden cameras that would look suspicious if plugged in. Clocks and smoke detectors are good examples of hidden cameras that couldn't work with a cord.

Plug-in cameras are best if they're near furniture or are an item one would expect you to plug in. Some people use hidden cameras that look like fans, pencil sharpeners, or desktop lights. Lamps are popular for these AC cameras.


What good is a camera that you can't see anything on? You should look for cameras that are available in a solid resolution.

If you're unfamiliar with resolution, it's a measure of how many pixels are in the captured footage. Typically, higher resolution means a better picture.

You should aim for a camera with at least a resolution of 720p. However, most hidden cameras are around 1080p, which is an acceptable standard for most applications.

You can find some cameras that are 4K, which is the highest common resolution. While there are 8K and higher standard cameras, there are few if any hidden cameras in this resolution.

4K cameras aren't as necessary for a hidden camera. If you're trying to catch something on the camera, 1080 should be more than enough.

Audio or Silent

Cameras are only made to capture video footage, which means many won't have sound. If you need audio, you should make sure you're finding a hidden camera that offers audio. Otherwise, you'd need to set up a hidden microphone.

There are plenty of cameras that have built-in audio capabilities. That isn't to say all of them will have good audio. If audio is important, make sure you're finding a camera that can record in high-definition audio.


How are you accessing the footage on your camera? For some cameras, there's physical access to the footage, often on an SD chip.

For others, WiFi accessibility can let you look at the video feed from a separate device. You'll most often access the feed on a smartphone or PC. Laptops are also common for this task.

WiFi is a more expensive feature, so expect your camera to go up in price considerably if you choose this. However, if you need a live or instant feed, a WiFi camera is the most important tool for the job.


Finally, affordability is one of the driving benefits for many hidden cameras. Unfortunately, cheaper cameras are often also worse.

To make a camera cheaper, its features are often lowered. For example, a cheaper camera may record in a lower resolution, which can make the footage less useful.

They may also miss some features that you'd otherwise want, such as audio capabilities. WiFi cameras are typically more expensive, so while you can find some that are more affordable, you should still expect these cameras to be more expensive.

You should weigh what features are the most important for you and try not to cut those features out. Afterward, you can look for an option that best fits your budget.

Finding a Spy Camera for Office Spaces

Finding the right spy camera for office spaces is best done when you've decided on your goals so you know what features you need. Look into where you'd like to put the camera and whether you want it wired or battery-operated. Choosing whether you want a WiFI-capable camera is also critical.

At Custom WiFi Spy Cameras, we offer the best, most clandestine WiFi cameras in the industry. Our cameras offer audio, 5.8 compatibility, 4K resolutions, WiFi capabilities, and more. Contact us today to see how we can supply you with the camera you need.

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