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Surprising Secrets Revealed on Nanny Cameras: Why You Need a Nanny Cam Even If You Think You Don't

Surprising Secrets Revealed on Nanny Cameras: Why You Need a Nanny Cam Even If You Think You Don't

24th Sep 2019

Did you know that 45% of Americans have installed (or plan to install) smart home tech in their residence?

Some of the most common types of this technology are WiFi nanny cams and other types of security cameras. Let's face it--in today's world, you can never be too careful about who you allow into your home.

But are these measures really necessary? Does installing nanny cameras mean you're being overly paranoid, or do you have legitimate reasons for doing so?

In this post, we'll consider some real-life experiences of what parents discovered from their nanny cams.

Read on to learn more--your family's safety depends on it!

Scary Secrets from Security Cameras

Just because a babysitter has a friendly smile or a lot of experience doesn't mean you can trust her with your children.

Here are a few real-life horror stories that were caught on camera.

1. Toddler Abuse in Arizona

This story comes from Springdale, Arizona, where a couple entrusted the care of their daughter Raylee to a woman named Melissa.

At first, everything was promising. The parents found only glowing reviews and references about their new nanny, and Raylee seemed to take to her right away.

But after a few weeks, they started noticing bizarre changes in their daughter's behavior. She was increasingly anxious and agitated. She'd also run screaming and hide behind her parents' legs whenever the nanny would arrive.

With growing suspicion, they installed a nanny cam in their living room. The footage from that first night confirmed their deepest fears--Melissa was abusing Raylee.

After leaving her alone in her bouncer for several hours, Melissa began spanking and shaking her. She soon noticed the camera and turned it towards the wall, but it was too late.

The recorded evidence was enough to have her arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

2. Infant Abuse in New York

Our next story comes from Staten Island, New York, where a suspicious mother installed a security camera inside a carbon monoxide detector.

She left her two kids, aged 5 and 17 months, in the care of their nanny, Mamura. Then she "went out" but didn't go far, waiting just down the street to monitor the live video feed.

The results were horrifying. In a matter of minutes, she nanny began shaking the 5-month old girl and slapping her in the face. When she refused to take her bottle, the nanny punched her multiple times in the legs.

After calling 911, the mother raced home to stop the abuse and confront the nanny. Masura was arrested that same day and charged with endangering child welfare and resisting arrest.

3. Smothering an Infant in California

What would you do if you saw a video of a nanny physically smothering your 13-month old son?

This is exactly what happened to one set of parents in Livermore, California. They hired a young nanny named Moriah, who came highly recommended from several babysitting websites.

The truth turned out to be anything but. The hidden nanny camera in their son's nursery showed Moriah approach the crib. Rather than try to calm the crying baby, she covered his mouth with her hands until the crying stopped and he went limp.

It didn't end there. The video went on to show Moriah picking up the limp infant and flinging him face-up over her shoulder. Once he started whimpering again, she set him back in the crib and left the room.

Moriah denied doing anything wrong, despite the video evidence which stated otherwise. She was arrested the next day and charged with one count of felony child abuse.

4. Sitter Gets Physical in Ohio

This nanny horror story comes from Middletown, Ohio.

The Becketts noticed a change in their son's behavior after leaving him in the care of a family friend, Alyson. They installed a hidden nanny cam above their fireplace and left for work, unprepared for what they were about to see.

That same morning, they watched in horror as Alyson screamed repeatedly at their son to "shut up" and "get over it." But things took a turn for the worse when Alyson sat on top of the 10-month old infant to silence him.

The parents rushed home to find cuts on their son's face and blood on his pajamas. Alyson was eventually served a misdemeanor charge for her behavior.

5. Abusing a Toddler in Tennessee

Our final story of secrets revealed from nanny cams comes from Lincoln County, Tennessee.

Parents of the 2-year old girl were horrified to see footage of their babysitter, Rainey, repeatedly smacking their daughter in the back of the head. They took the video to local law enforcement, who issued a warrant for Rainey's arrest.

Rainey was arrested and charged with felony child abuse for her behavior. She also turned out to be a fugitive of justice from a nearby county.

Keep in mind that secret cameras aren't just useful for keeping your children safe. Security cameras have also been used to catch corporate thieves and employees stealing from elderly patients in nursing homes.

Where to Buy the Best Nanny Cameras

So, what's the takeaway?

In a perfect world, we would all be able to trust our neighbors without the need for surveillance.

Unfortunately, the world is not perfect, and it's difficult to know who to trust. When someone is working in your home or business, you simply can't know what's happening when you're not around.

Nanny cameras and other surveillance equipment provide the "eyes" you need to stay informed. Is there any price too high to pay to ensure the safety of your family and home?

Are you ready to invest in security cameras for your home or office? Click here to browse our full collection of nanny cams.

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